Sometimes it’s the Little Things…

It has often been said than we need to appreciate the smaller things in life and sometimes forget about the bigger picture. With everything going on at the moment, here at Eleven we are all for shutting the outside world out and focusing on all the small things that make us happy and bring us joy.

This involves appreciating our surroundings whether that’s in our homes or on our daily walks. Simple rituals like taking a long bath, baking a sweet treat or even pouring yourself a cup of tea bring us joy and a sense of calm all in their different ways. Stepping outside and appreciating the beauty of nature is powerful and nothing beats fresh air to blow the cobwebs away.

It’s also the smallest things in our wardrobe that can also bring us the most happiness. Whether you’re making an effort for your Zoom call, heading out for a Winter walk or even popping out for your essential shop, accessorising an outfit can not only complete your look but can also help us to feel confident, empowered as well as happy.

Let us talk you through a few of our favourite accessories that act as perfect pick-me-ups.

Look fabulous for your Zoom calls, be it with friends or colleagues. Wearing a new piece of jewellery can help to lift your mood and make you feel fabulous! Perhaps, treat a friend to a piece to let them know you’re thinking of them whilst we’re unable to meet up.

Head out for your essential shop in style with a new pair of shoes to put a spring in your step or keep your essentials in a new bag – guaranteed to be a staple in your wardrobe for when we venture out more frequently.

Wrap up for your walk with our range of hats and scarves. Keep warm in style because who doesn’t feel better when they’re all wrapped up and cosy?

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