Our Summer Beauty Tips

With summer well and truly here, well according to the calendar (if someone could give a nudge to the sun!), it’s time to not only switch up your wardrobe but also your skincare and beauty routine too, to reflect the changes in the season. In this week’s blog post, we’re sharing our top tips for glowing skin all summer long, whatever the occasion.

Summer is our favourite season, and the last thing we want on our minds is melting foundation. Introducing an oil-free moisturiser to your skincare routine is a sure way to help keep your face feeling refreshing and not one bit greasy! If you opt for makeup this summer, your face will thank you for choosing an oil-free foundation too. Together, they will help to prevent excess oil build-up, particularly on those extra hot days.

Everyone knows the importance of SPF but often our faces can go unprotected. Protecting our skin from the sun is super important, not just in the summertime. Not only can SPF protect us from serious health problems, but it also helps to keep our skin in tip-top condition for as long as possible (unfortunately the sun can have an ageing effect on our skin). By wearing broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every single day, even under your makeup, and reapplying frequently, you’ll be much better protected from the damage the sun can inflict.

Behold the power of primer. Applied after your moisturiser but before your makeup, primers can make a huge difference in our makeup, really helping to hold it in place, particularly on those long summer days. Go from your desk to drinks knowing your makeup is still just as beautiful as the morning.

Keep it simple when it comes to skincare. During the summer months, our pores tend to enlarge allowing the skin to breathe easily. However, this can often result in sweat and dirt clogging our pores leading to blackheads and sadly, breakouts. When it comes to skin, simple really is best to help eliminate these issues. Simply cleanse, tone and moisturise both in the morning and at night to help your skin look its best. You can follow up with a mild exfoliator once a week to eliminate those dry cells forming on the surface of the skin, for extra glow and super soft skin.

When it comes to summer, we’ll be keeping it nice and simple with our makeup and skincare, opting for a more natural look, with lots of glow! Our wardrobe is where you’ll find us injecting colour, summer prints and new styles to make us feel utterly fabulous!

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