Caring For Your Clothes

As much as we all love buying new clothes and treating ourselves to some wardrobe updates, looking after our clothes and making them last as long as possible, is not only great for us and our wardrobes (not forgetting our purses) but, is a positive for the environment too. Ensuring we look after our clothes means they are less likely to end their life in landfill sooner than is necessary. The facts, statistics and figures show that the fashion and textile industry is one of the most polluting to our planet, with the UK being the fourth-largest producer of textile waste in Europe, according to a new study.

We all fall in love with our new purchases and the joy of retail therapy should never be underestimated! However, wouldn’t it be great if we could keep this love affair with our purchases going for as long as possible? And when the time does come to say goodbye, that we make the best decision to help protect our environment? In this week’s blog post, we’re sharing our top tips for looking after your clothes in the easiest of ways.

#1 Follow garment care labels
This one may sound obvious, but we’re probably all guilty of shrinking one of our tops or favourite jeans because we misread the label or overlooked it altogether. Following the care instructions of our clothes is the first step to ensuring their life is as long as possible. Our top tip for jeans is to wash them turned inside out. This prevents the dye from leaking and fading quickly, ensuring they stay looking new for much longer.

#2 “Make do and mend”
Your favourite jeans have a small hole in them. Instead of heading straight to the bin, consider the size of the hole and whether this can be solved with some simple stitching. You don’t need to be a seamstress to mend the smallest of holes. Alternatively, consider adding to the distressed nature and altering the style of your jeans all together by creating more rips for an edgier jean. If the hole is near the bottom, why not consider giving your jeans a second life as a pair of shorts - the perfect transformation for summer.

#3 Time to say goodbye
When the time does come to say farewell to your clothes, perhaps they no longer fit, are looking worn and a little sad, or perhaps you’ve fallen out of love with the style, rather than heading straight to the bin, consider the numerous options out there. Firstly, find your nearest textile recycling point to give your clothes the chance of a second life. Some recycling banks accept shoes as well as home textiles too. If your clothes are still in great condition but they’re just not for you anymore, take them to a local charity shop who are always grateful for donations. Your clothes will not only go to someone new who falls in love with them but will also help towards a charitable cause, changing lives. You can also look closer to home when it comes to giving away clothes. Friends and family are a great option to turn to. You never know they might already have their eye on something of yours! This is a great option particularly when it comes to children’s clothing too.

We hope you have found this blog post useful and perhaps you will now think twice before throwing away your clothes straight in the bin. Sometimes, it’s the small changes that can have the greatest impact when it comes to protecting our environment.


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