Autumn Beauty Secrets

With our mini heatwave set to come to an end in the next couple of days, with temperatures returning to averages for this time of year, it’s time to not only look to update our wardrobe for the new season but our beauty routines too. In this week’s blog post, we’re excited to share with you our favourite secrets for your refreshed beauty and makeup routine for Autumn.

#1 Dewy skin continues

Your summer glow doesn’t have to stay in summer, take it with you throughout autumn and winter and your skin will not only thank you for it but you will too as you continue to look fresh-faced beautiful! Many of us experience drier skin as the weather cools so incorporating serums and slightly more intense moisturisers can be a saviour for our skin. Try incorporating vitamin c into your skincare routine also for an added boost of glow.

#2 The return of lipstick

With life returning somewhat back to the ‘normal’ we remember, lipstick is also making a comeback as mask-wearing relaxes in some areas. Who can resist an autumnal red or burgundy for the changing season? Worn with minimal eye make-up this is a look that will never, ever lose its elegance, class and sophistication particularly as we head towards (dare we say it!) the festive season.

#3 Au-natural brows

The days of super-sculpted brows are long behind us with natural brows taking the front seat. Simple, natural and delicate, brows are now the ‘in look’ by taking a more natural approach in the beauty industry with a ‘fluffier’ look dominating trends for the new season. Simply brush and shape and use a setting product to keep your brows looking perfect all day.

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